YOUACTIVE is our core program at YOUFITT as it provides a wholistic and engaging program involving cardio, strength and boxing components, with no two sessions the same giving variety and keeping teenagers interested in their training.


A focus on developing strength based skills and teaching the fundamental techniques of strength training suitable for teenagers growth and development. Through the use of light modifiable weight, youth can push through a tough muscular endurance workout with confidence.


A fun way for youth of all skill levels to enjoy the basics of boxing while gaining a workout. Youth develop boxing technique through the use of round shields and focus pads.


What YOUFITT is all about; educating youth on their overall health. This is an online component of YOUFITT which complements our fitness programs. YOUHEALTH provides youth access to learn how to live healthily across their mental, emotional, social, nutritional and physical selves. In every 10 week term, there is a pre and post program assessment and four educational sessions for participants to complete on their personal profile.