[you fitt, youth fitness]

noun, plural YOUFITTERS [you fit-ers]

YOUFITT has been created to fill an identified need for adolescents in regards to their health and fitness. It provides 10 week programs specifically designed for 12-17 year olds. YOUFITT’s main focus is to assist teenagers develop a greater personal awareness of their overall health and equip them with the skills and knowledge required to maintain all aspects of health into adulthood. YOUFITT requires participants to undertake online pre and post program assessments as well as educational tasks. This allows for the identification of areas requiring change, growth and development through adequate programming, initiative and mentoring.

Teaching Confidence
Understanding wellbeing
Creating identity
Harvesting knowledge
Achieving awareness
Feeling complete
Forming belonging
Investing in health


YOUACTIVE is our core program at YOUFITT as it provides a wholistic and engaging program involving cardio, strength and boxing components, with no two sessions the same giving variety and keeping teenagers interested in their training.


A focus on developing strength based skills and teaching the fundamental techniques of strength training suitable for teenagers growth and development. Through the use of light modifiable weight, youth can push through a tough muscular endurance workout with confidence.


A fun way for youth of all skill levels to enjoy the basics of boxing while gaining a workout. Youth develop boxing technique through the use of round shields and focus pads.


YOUFITT’s health and fitness programs are the ideal program to be run in schools as an integrated part of the PE curriculum, a sport choice for students or offered as an extra curriculum activity.

If you are interested in providing the students at your school with greater understanding, knowledge and appreciation for their personal health and fitness, along with the increased confidence they will gain through any of the YOUFITT programs, please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you.


LADIESFITT began by a group of ladies within the local Blacktown community asking for us to run a fitness program for them. LADIESFITT now runs weekly in our Blacktown and Parramatta/Rydalmere locations. The classes are a combination of high intensity training, strength workouts and boxing skills suited to all levels of fitness and all ages.

The program has no registration fees with a donation of $10.00 going to not for profit groups within the community. Mothers of teenagers attending YOUFITT are able to join these classes for free.